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Show topic: Diggnation was Revision3's flagship video podcast produced weekly. It was hosted by Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht, who had previously hosted TechTV's The Screen Savers together. Its main purpose was to discuss some of the top stories from Digg, the social news and bookmarking website developed by Rose and others. The first episode "aired" online on July 1, 2005. The format of the show usually involved Rose and Albrecht reviewing beverages, mostly beer, but occasionally tea, coffee, hard liquors like Vodka or Whisky at the opening of the show, which they consumed throughout the show, followed by them discussing various Digg stories from the previous week, with often off-topic banter with each other and with producer David Prager and camera operator Glenn McElhose. Both audio and video versions of the podcast are available from Revision3 for streaming or downloading in various formats.