art, podcasts, and more by Ray Taylor

Inspired Disorder

     Inspired Disorder came about after Ray Taylor's last endeavor, daDA04 (digital art Design Associates) had come to an end. The goal for Ray's next attempt would be to create something that would combine all of his passions.
    In addition to creating art in the forms of painting, computer art, photography, drawing, and writing, Ray has a passion for podcasting and social media. All of these assions are realized in Inspired Disorder.

Ray Taylor

     Ray is self taught n every aspect of the creation and operation of Inspired Disorder. No business, design, or art degrees. With a constant thirst for knowledge Ray has spent years developing his artistic style as well as strengthening his web and graphic design abilities.
     It is clear in every aspect of Inspired Disorder that Ray's passions truly shine through. From his love of the rebellious history of surrealism to embracing new technology and exploring their potential. Inspired Disorder seems to be the seed that has begun to sprout.

This is the home of rebel creations inspired by life, love, stress, and setbacks. Welcome.