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Ep. 022 "2 Artists 1 Name that Geek"

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In this show we profile 2 artists (Ben Burtt, Travis Smith). Ben Burtt is a well known sounds designer for major motion pictures. Travis Smith is a local San Diegon well known for his design and illustration work. We also begin a new segment "Name That Geek" a somewhat trivia based game.



  • (02:28): Artist Profile Ben Burtt (Sound Designer)
  • (10:50): Artist Profile Travis Smith (Illustration & design)
  • (0:28:29): Name The Geek!

Weekly Recommendations (0:44:28)

  • (0:44:53): Justin King: Web Browser - Google Chrome
  • (0:46:24): Derek Helmer: Website - FilmSound Daily
  • (0:47:54): Ray Taylor: Animated TV Series - Avatar: The Last Airbender
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