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Ep. 018 "Did you fill out your TIX Forms?"

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Mixing stuff up in this episode. Derek Helmer could not join us for the live recording so his comments were pre-recorded and edited in live during the show. We also welcom our first guest for 2010, Allie Seuss. In this episode we start by discussing our favorite art/geek places to go. We talk about why we love going to those places and places we feel we need to go to more often. We then take an imaginary vacation and decide on what 3 gadgets we would take. We then ask the question "Are video games a for of art?". To finish out the episode we keep the video game talk going with our most anticipated games of the new year.

You can find our guest (Allie Seuss) online on Facebook and Twitter.



  • (3:01): Where is out favorite art/geek place to go?
  • (16:54): What 3 gadgets would we take on a vacation?
  • (31:45): Are video games a form of art?
  • (47:05): More video game talk. Some notable games to look forward to.

Weekly Recommendations (1:09:11)

  • (1:09:40): Justin King: Video game - Assassin's Creed 2
  • (1:11:55): Allie Seuss: Director - Chan Wook Park (Vengeance Trilogy)
  • Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier - SModcast - - SModcast -
  • (1:15:06): Ray Taylor: Podcast - SModcast by: Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier


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