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Ep. 015 "Outsourcing your wardrobe, Toy talk new and old, Apple buys"

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In this episode we welcome back to the show the one and only Jennifer Townsend from We talk about a guy who outsourced his wardrobe. We also do a bunch of toy talk old and new. We finish off by chatting about Apple buying



Weekly Recommendations (1:03:53)

iSwap Faces
  • (1:04:59): Justin King: iPhone App - iSwapFaces $1.99
  • Dragon's Lair
  • (1:06:09): Derek Helmer: iPhone Game Dragon's Lair $4.99 
  • Ramp ChampHOUSE M.D. ? The Game
  • (1:08:01): Jennifer Townsend: iPhone Games Ramp Champ FREE ; House MD $2.99 
  • Devindra Hardawar, Dwayne De Freitas, Christopher Burnor - Symbiotek - Symbiotek
  • (1:12:30): Ray Taylor: Tech Podcast "Symbiotek"
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iSwap Faces

Pics by Justin King using iSwap Faces $1.99