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#IDP081 Gareth Reynolds | @ReynoldsGareth - COMEDIAN - NAUGHTY SHOW

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Gareth Reynolds | @ReynoldsGareth - COMEDIAN - NAUGHTY SHOW

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Gareth Reynolds aka @ReynoldsGareth aka scruffy cheese aka Magic Maker joins the show to talk about the huge pandemic of meth addicted chipmunks as well as his MTV show Failosophy and the Naughty Show Podcast. A fun show with a great dude!

Ray Taylor is an artist from San Diego, California and Keith Spurlock is a stand up comic from Findlay, Ohio. They are leaving their old lives behind and relocating to Denver, Colorado to pursue fine art and stand up comedy respectively.

Not only will they FINALLY meet for the first time but they will also be roommates.

Listen as they discus their interesting perspectives on life, art, comedy, UFC, pop culture, and childhood. Most weeks these two have the pleasure of a special guest to share in the conversations. Guests include a wide range of people in all aspects of life (Examples: Directors, Artists, MMA fighters, Authors, Musicians, Teachers, Comics, Podcasters and many more). 

The Inspired Disorder Podcast is evolving to a new level of existence and you can be a part of it.


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