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#IDP076 Mish the Dish | @Mish_the_Dish - Ramble On - Podcaster - Comedy

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In this episode we find out where Mish buys her coffee. @Mish_the_Dish the host of the great podcast Ramble On joins the show and tell keith to shove it. So great! Boom Boom Boom! #IDP076 Mish the Dish | @Mish_the_Dish - Ramble On - Podcaster - Comedy

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Ray is an artist living in San Diego. Keith is a stand up comic living in Ohio. They met each other on this podcast but never in person. Listen as they discus their interesting perspectives on life, love, stress, and setbacks. Most weeks these two have the pleasure of a special guest to share in the conversations. Guests include a wide range of people in all aspects of life (Examples: Directors, Artists, MMA fighters, Authors, Musicians, Teachers, Comics, and many more).


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