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Ep. 086 - @DerekHelmer @JustinKing1 #IDP OG Show

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In this special episode @KeithSpurlock1 is confronted with his past. The past that haunts him today. Thats right, @DerekHelmer and @JustinKing1 return to show Keith how it is done in this reunion episode of the Inspired Disorder Podcast.

Ep. 040 "We Will Struggle to Find Freedom 40oz at a Time"

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In this episode we go into a bit more depth on what this podcast is about. It is not the same podcast it was a couple years ago. It is better, stronger, and offers more truth than ever before. This was epsiode 40 of the Inspired Disorder Podcast but it truly feels as if we have shed the skin of what it once was and is now free to grow. With your hosts @RayTaylor and @JustinKing1 and a speacial thanks to @PostalPoet.