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#IDP 099 - @PostalPoet

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@PostalPoet Podcaster, blogger, and free thinker joins the show. Mick is known for his many podcasts "Going Postal", "Ask My Boss", and "Keep Making Noise". Mick was also one of the first Inspired Disorder Collective podcasts along with @Mish_the_Dish and her show "Ramble On". 

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Ep. 044.5 "Intoxicated Stories With PostalPoet"

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After recording episode 44 I decided to stay live on Ustream and chat with who ever wanted to stick around. As editing and uploading of episode 44 ws finished the only person left in the chat room was the great PostalPoet. So I decided to do an inpromptu podcast with him. This was out conversation.

WARNING: We were both tired and drunk.

NO VIDEO WAS RECORDED for this episode